Pump NB4-160/6,3

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Pump NB4-160/6,3

Product description
Pump NB4-160/6,3

The small-sized plunger pump NB 4 -160/63 is designed for pumping the flushing liquid into the well for the purpose of flushing it during exploration drilling.

The pump NB 4 is designed for operation in climatic conditions “UZ”,” TK ” according to GOST 15150-69 at a temperature from-5°C to +40°C . The operation of the pump at temperatures below 0°C must be provided with conditions that prevent freezing of the drilling fluid.

As a washing liquid, clay solutions, emulsions and water can be used.

The pump is used for pumping liquids with a specific gravity (density) of up to 1.2 g/cm3; a viscosity of up to 35c according to SPI-5, a sand and sludge content of up to 4.5% (by weight).