Mud pump

Pump NB-32 (NB-50)

The main purpose of the pump NB-32 is forcing of washing fluid, such as water or clay solution to the well when drilling on gas or on oil. Besides the pumps NB-32 are widespread at the enterprises of the chemical and food industry where pumps use as pumping of nonaggressive…

Pump NB-125 / 9 MGY / NB-125 IZh

The pump of boring NB 125, 9 MGY is used for forcing of flushing solution to wells at prospecting, structural and search drilling and also when carrying out other flushing works at capital repairs of oil and gas wells. NB 125, 9 MGY is the two-piston, horizontal, two-cylinder device, bilateral…

Pump NTs-320 / 9T / NPTs-32

The pump NTs 320 two-piston, horizontal, bilateral action, with the built-in worm-and-wheel gearbox is intended for giving of various liquid environments when carrying out cementation of wells and flushing and squeezing works in the course of drilling and repair of wells as a part of pump installations. The pump NTs-320…

ANTs320 / ANTs320U unit

The pump piston cementing NTs-320 — the pump horizontal, two-piston bilateral action with the built-in worm-and-wheel gearbox of the increased load ability. It is intended for forcing of liquid environments (clay, cement, salt mortars) during the flushing and squeezing works and cementation of oil and gas wells in the course…

Pump boring 8T-650

Boring pump 8T-650-01 of piston type


Pump NB4-160/6,3

The small-sized plunger pump NB 4 -160/63 is designed for pumping the flushing liquid into the well for the purpose of flushing it during exploration drilling. The pump NB 4 is designed for operation in climatic conditions “UZ”,” TK ” according to GOST 15150-69 at a temperature from-5°C to +40°C…

Shutoff and connecting valves

Drilling wrench

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